About us

The Slovak company CANDE is a promising and fast-growing generic pharmaceutical company with a history of more than 10 years. The CANDE brand was founded with the aim of bringing the latest drug molecules to the market in the highest possible quality, at a reasonable price. The CANDE company operates in two pharmaceutical markets in Central Europe, in Slovakia as CANDE s.r.o. and in the Czech Republic as CANDE CZ s.r.o.

Our goal is mainly to bring safe and effective products to the market. All our products are manufactured exclusively under the CANDE brand and all our drugs are registered and approved at the State Institute for Drug Control. There are generic prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and medical devices in CANDE’s portfolio. All our prescription products are categorized at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

You can found more information about our products on the State Institute for Drug Control (www.sukl.sk) website or on the ADC website (www.adc.sk). Currently we have many new products in registration process at the State Institute for Drug Control, which we plan to launch in the near future and expand our drug portfolio.