VIJOINT HCC 60 mg 2% (MD)


Syringe pre-filled with hyaluronic acid sodium salt 2%, chondroitin sulfate 2% and cyclodextrin 1%

VIJOINT HCC is a temporary synovial fluid replacement for patients affected by degenerative or mechanical arthropathy which causes pain or reduced mobility. VIJOINT HCC is a medical device, containing hyaluronic acid obtained by fermentation and not chemically modified, chondroitin sulfate of marine origin and cyclodextrin. VIJOINT HCC is a transparent solution, sterile, non-pyrogenic and viscoelastic supplied in a 3 ml syringe. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide present in many human tissues, particularly in the synovial fluid; it acts in the joints both as cartilage and ligaments lubricant and as a shock absorber. According to many studies, the injections of hyaluronic acid in the joints affected by osteoarthritis restore the viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid, with a consequent pain mitigation and joint mobility improvement. The chondroitin sulfate is a high molecular weight glycosaminoglycan which is part of the essential constituent components of the articular cartilage. In vitro, the chondroitin sulfate has shown ability to inhibit the hyaluronidase, i.e. the enzymes that degrade hyaluronic acid by hydrolyzing the ties. Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides able to improve the water solubility of certain substances, strengthening their stability and changing their aggregation state from liquid to viscous. Thanks to the cyclodextrins viscosity skill, this solution of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate highlights physical characteristics such as to ensure a better effectiveness. VIJOINT HCC acts only at the injected joint level, without exerting any systemic action.